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Replacing the income tax with a National Retail Sales Tax is more than being about lowering our tax burden. It's about reducing the size of government. More importantly, it's about regaining our privacy, feeling secure in our papers and effects. It's about enjoying the fruits of our labor without having to account to some bureaucrat for every dime we spend. It's about leaving an inheritance to our designees in tact without our labor being taxed again when it's transfered to our beneficiaries.

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The Mission

Americans for Constitutional Action is a non-partisan grass roots efforts to obtain 100 million signatures on a petition to the U.S. Congress to support the enactment of legislation replacing the federal Income Tax and it's collection arm, the Internal Revenue Service, with a National Retail Sales Tax. According to various polls of a broad base of American's. 67% are in favor of such action. ACA's low-cost education materials detail the organization's economic research and rational for the superiority of the NATIONAL RETAIL SALES TAX, over our present Income Tax system, a value added tax, or even a flat rate income tax.


If you're an average American taxpayer, you would have to work almost 185 days - more than half the year - to pay the estimated costs of federal, state, and local government. That breaks down like this:

14 DAYS - for national defence, and

13 DAYS - to pay interest on the national debt, then you'd toil

29 DAYS - to pay for Social Security and Medicare, followed by,

56 DAYS - for state and local taxes and regulations. And finally

29 DAYS - of work to pay the cost for other federal programs, everthing from peanut subsidies to foreign aid.

Even then Washington would not have enough. So the government would borrow what amounts to three more days of your wages - money that will have to be repaid, with interest, in the future. You have the next 180 days to earn the money to feed, clothe and house your family.


Then lets get behind our leaders and legislators to replace the Income Tax and the IRS, with the



Leaders who believe we must replace our current system

U.S.Representative Bill Archer:

" The day after the election, I announced that my goal before I leave the Congress is to tear the income tax out by it's roots and throw it on the side of the road. (and) To replace it...(with) a broad-based consumption tax.

I'm the first Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee who does his own income tax, and it's almost to the point where I can't do it. It takes me probably two days. Fifty IRS agents live in Exxon's headquarters in Houston year-round. There's something wrong with a tax system based on that. The cost of enforcement and of litigation, which each of us pays for, is enormous.

A consumption tax gets at the undergroud economy. If we could get at that $100 billion to $200 billion, that's hals of our deficit. The tax should also be lifted at the boarders to give an advantage to our exports. If we can remove 15% to 20% from the price of our products, we get a tremendous edge on foreign compitition. And it should be charged on foreign products. That would be $300 billion a year."

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Americans for Constitutional Action

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