Welcome to the CRA of Tulare County
. . . Welcome to the . . .
California Republican Assembly
of Tulare County. We've been waiting
for you to JOIN since 1934. Keep up on
on State Wide events just by clicking on
What's New @ the CRA. To stay up on
local events Click Here. We'll be alerting
you to new info. ASAP. We do appreciate
our Senate Dist. Director, Mr. Lucketta
for being our full time webmaster.
He'll be the one that you will
need to contact to get vital
information to us. Thanks
and may GOD Bless all
of our efforts in the
next Millennium.
We've Been RIGHT Since 1934 !

Knowing that JESUS CHRIST is the standard bearer in many of our lives, we are not so quickly swayed as the masses. This is why many of us have joined the CRA as a viable political vehicle to express our concerns; first as Christian's, and second as Conservative's. For those who have web sites which express the same convictions, take a moment to list them in our NEW section called, LINKS-U-LIKE. We are always looking for common bonds and links.
As many already know, the CRA is the oldest and largest Republican organization that adheres closely to those standards which are very similar to those of our founding fathers.

If you're not a member of the California Republicn Assembly yet, I strongly encourage you to JOIN today. You know it's the RIGHT thing to do !

As a local business owner and a respected leader in the community, I have been around many Americans who have had great ideas, hopes and dreams. It was usually the local community or small business owners associations that encouraged these entrepreneurs to build and prosper that area and it's people. Having said that, I also know that you must be as honest as you possibly can in your business dealings . . . or all of those federal regulatory agencies will put you out in the street. As a Republican, I believe that it is quite the same. You must maintain a standard wherein the LAW is not a threat but your guide . . . unlike other political parties and the main-stream media.

As the Senate District Director, I am responible for the 14th. District, which is the same Senatorial District that Senator Charles Poochigian represents. Besides Tulare the other areas that I oversee include the greater part of Fresno, and Kern County. Please feel free to contact me about an important issue that pertains to this district.

As the Press Secretary of The CRA of Tulare County, I plan to work close with the local media. Since I was sworn in as the NEW City Attorney for Porterville, I have met with some of GOD's greatest servants in public service. I Recall what Dante' said......" The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. " It will be the Conservative, the Christian and the Conscientious, who will find a forum at this web site.

For the media, we ask you to check our PRESS RELEASE section first before you ask for comments on our local, state and national candidates. Then check out the NEW CRA Presidential POLL Booth.

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