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The Presidents Message
By Jon Milinich TCRA President

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In this last election Conservative Republicans really took a beating from the News which lead to their defeat in 1998. The Republican message was, and continues to be mired and spun. It was reported on the 700 Club that 89% of media has leftist leanings and opinions. Rarely would they share fare and equal time in their publications or polls to Conservatives. Republicans were continuiously viewed as mean and evil.

To make matters worse, the mud-slinging, middle-of-the-road Republicans also complained instead of working together. They have led many Californian's to the lost shores of compromise, not wanting to rock the boat but more willing to go along to get along. This is totally un-American and not very Republican.

To most, a Real Republican is one who stands their ground on the LAW. No one is above the LAW...not even Clinton. But the media would have us to believe that only Democrats know how to lead this Country toward a Democracy. But as far as I can tell, their structure and framework of Democracy looks more like a Dictatorship. One that has an interest in reducing the RIGHTS of the people and increasing the power of governments.

Make sure that you contact your Representatives "The Leaders" on all of these important matters. We must not pass on to the next generation our sins of apathy!

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At this time the CRA of Tulare County has not officially endorsed any candidate, but we strongly suggest that you do your homework.

And finally....don't forget to sign our GuestBook before you leave!

Good Lord willing....we'll make some changes in 1998.

Jon Milinich TCRA President

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